Our Company

A to Zero Consulting is a full service consulting organization, with expertise in the fields of OSHA Construction and General Industry Safety, MSHA Mining Safety and D.O.T Driver Safety. Our mission is to work with each client to meet their organizations individual safety needs. The A to Zero staff has practical in-field experience with knowledge of what works to create a safety culture within your company.


Our Services

The services provided by A to Zero Consulting provide benefit to our clients by:
• Reducing costly work related injuries
• Reducing Workers Compensation cost
• Lowering insurance premiums
• Preventing OSHA fines
• Providing a knowledgeable and experienced safety resource
• Reducing overhead cost necessary for full-time safety personnel.
• Providing outsourcing solutions that enable your company to become more focused on core competencies.

Safety adds significant value: To your business, to your workplace,
to your life


The benefits extend to employees and employers, businesses and communities, government and private industry alike. Safety and health management systems significantly reduce both the extent and severity of work-related injuries. They also empower employers and employees alike to focus on growing a successful business while enjoying healthy fulfilling lives.